Saturday, March 31, 2012


Every spring I am awed by the beauty of the colors and the incredible display that nature creates for us to enjoy. It strengthens my testimony to see this beautiful world that God created for His children.
The Cherry Blossoms that "take over" DC this time of year are just magnificent.
We took the opportunity to drive into the city and walk around the Reflecting Pool where the blossoms are the most impressive. The trees are overloaded with flowers, so heavy that the limbs lean over the sidewalks and droop towards the water. As you walk around the Pool you walk under arches of flowers. It is really breath taking. And every year, I continue to be amazed by it. The day we went in, the sky was overcast and makes the flowers appear light pink. As the sun comes out they appear a brighter pink. Overcast- it was still lovely.
This year is the 100th anniversary of the Cherry Blossom Festival and some of the trees are even older. I love the gnarled ones. They have such personality. There are many varieties of trees- some with small delicate blooms, others with large-incredible blossoms.

There are many varieties. This is my favorite. It has large tulip shaped flowers and are as large as my hand. They are the first to bloom and first to fall.

This is at the Roosevelt memorial with the reflecting pool in the background.
Looking across the pool and the Washington Monument
The Jefferson Memorial
The sidewalk that encircles the Reflecting pool has these limbs that hand over and almost touch the water.

President Albright on the walkway

The hanging limbs.

The gnarled old trees.
A close up of some of the delicate blossoms.

There are paddle boats all over the Pool.

The crowds come out to see the blossoms.
The walk way that encircles the Reflecting pool

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