Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First morning at the Mission Home

The first morning in the field and they are up at 6:30 and ready for breakfast at 8:00. We have a nice big, hot breakfast and then it's time for lots of training. We cover all the "unimportant-important-housekeeping" kind of things. We show them a great power point all about the mission, each of the areas, mission miracles. After that we do some practice of door approaches. And then the assistants take them all over to the GMU campus for some street contacting. They were great. Came back with a list of contacts. Great Job. We feed them Lunch. I get dinner ready and the tables set for dinner tonight and we head to the chapel for the transfer meeting. They will go with their trainers from there.The new group: Elders Williams, Powell, Kessler, Braithwaite, Anderson, Rowley, Bentley, and Sisters Hansen and Crockett, with Sister and Pres Albright
Elder Braithwaite
Elder Anderson
Elder Powell
Elder Williams
Elder Bentley
Elder Kessler
Elder Rowley
Sister Hanson
Sister Crockett

The pictures below are the pictures that will be used on the Transfer board for the entire two years.

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  1. Elder Williams' Mom here.... Looks like someone needs to look out for him. His tie is crooked in all his pictures. HAHA Thanks a lot!! It was so fun to see him!! Same cheesy grin and all.