Saturday, March 31, 2012


On March 29th we had Return and Report. We invited the missionaries who arrived just 4 weeks ago to return to the house for a day of reporting and fun.
We start out with a light breakfast- bagels and fruit. Then we head downstairs.
President Albright speaks first and then has them report about their first month. It's just casual visiting and hearing about the good and the "tough".
Then Elders Doyle and Gengler instruct about cars and finances. This is followed by some training on the importance of obedience and goal setting by the Assistants. They always do an amazing job. I hope they know how much the other missionaries love and admire them.
Next, we invite the missionaries to share their testimonies and stories from their first month.
I speak next and usually talk about "facing giants" hardtimes on missions. We discuss the fact that everyone has them. There are lots of people around to give help- companions, DL, ZL, Assistants, and Pres and I. But most importantly, the Lord, is always there to be there constant companion and help them through the mission. We watch a segment from the movie, "Facing Giants".
PresidentAlbright speaks again. About companionships and love and trust. About being commited first to the Lord, next to the mission Pres and then your companion. He emphasizes obedience and the good and bad things that can happen when you are obedient or not. It's a wonderful meeting and a wonderful spirit. And we love seeing the growth in the new missionaries in just 4 short weeks. Then it is upstairs for lunch.
This group includes: Sis Albright, Crockett, Hansen, Elders Anderson and Rowley,
Standing: Elders Johnson, Braithwaite, Bentley, Williams, Powell, Kessler, and Peterson.
(Pres had left for a meeting)

Elder Harb, office elder
Sister Moses comes to pick up her companion, Sis Crockett
Lunch time: Elders Braithwaite, Bentley, Johnson, Rowley, sisters Hansen, Crockett, Elders Harb, Anderson, Williams, Powell, Peterson, and Kessler
Downstairs having the meeting

Elder Peterson instructs

Elder Doyle did a creative thing. He had them unscramble the letters and find the word. It was STEWARTSHIP. He talked to them about his stewartship over the cars and theirs also.
Sisters Crockett and Hansen
President Albright teaches
Assistants Peterson and Johnson
Elders Braithwaite, Williams, Kessler, Bentley and Rowley
Sisters Smith, Hansen, Holt, Crockett, Moses, and Rozsa coming to pick up companions and go on splits.
Elders Bentley, Rowley and Kessler
Elders Williams, Braithwaite and Johnson
Breakfast before we get started

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