Sunday, March 11, 2012


Here is another story that is a miracle and a testimony to me that Heavenly knows each of us. He knows where we are, where we need to be and when. And it lets me know that my sweet husband knows where to assign these missionaries.

President Albright,

We had such a great miracle happen this week after transfer meeting when Sister Yoon from Korea first arrived in my area. We had been together about two days when Sister Yoon and I listened to a new voice message from a member in our ward. She said that she had a referral for us but the man needed to be taught the gospel in his native Korean language. She wondered if anyone in the mission could teach in Korean. Sister Yoon and I listened to the message and just sat there in stunned silence because nobody knew that Sister Yoon was coming to Warrenton this week. We hadn’t even told the members she had arrived. As you know, Sister Yoon is the only fluent Korean speaker in the entire mission!

Turns out that the member had followed a prompting to go and check on a friend and she had just planned on stopping by for about 10 minutes. Well those ten minutes turned into a two hour discussion about the gospel. This friend of hers requested that the missionaries come teach him the lessons in Korean! Who knew there was going to be a Korean investigator in Warrenton? Who knew Sister Yoon would be transferred here that very week? Heaven knew! It is so great that the Lord helps His children be prepared to receive His message and then provides the means for the message to be taught in the way that they can best understand it. So many great things have happened and I'm so thankful that I have this opportunity to be able to serve the Lord and help His work go forward.
Sister Ferrin

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