Saturday, March 17, 2012

4th and Last day- Centreville & Ashburn

Last day of Trainings was held in Centreville with Ashburn. We had another great day. This was a really fun group. And we had lots of Senior missionaries which is always fun.
The Zone leaders and AP.s were great. There presentations are always so incredible. I am so impressed with their ability to teach and train each other. They are so creative and come up with wonderful ways to instill teaching principles and gospel principles.

Sister Ferrin Leads the singing
Elders and Sisters Heller, Olsen, and Gengler doing skills practice
Sisters Rozsa, Hanson, Yoon, and Ferrin with Pres looking on.
Sister Holt and Smith teach Elder West
Sisters Mecham and Ganbaater teach Elder Slade.
Elders Ravia, Johnsen, Hiatt, Lau, and Johnson
Elders Freeman, Jeungling, Naylor, Flaherty
Elders Ness, Terry, Phillips, and Polkowski
Elders Hubbard, Cejudo, Bramwell and Aker

Elder Edgington, Gronning, Holfeltz, Anderson, and Powell
Elders Sherwani, Wloka, Liew, Lafeen,
Elder Lies accompanies
Elder Hubbard sang a solo. He did a really nice job. Good for him.
Elder Peterson instructs. The Assistants put together a great power point about revelation and how to receive personal revelation step by step. They are really great.
Elder Chance Johnson doing a demonstration with Elder Jeungling. comparing water to prayer

Taking notes.

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