Saturday, March 31, 2012


March 21, headed to Ashburn. This is a beautiful area. Rolling hills and large, lovely homes and apartment buildings. Again the missionaries did a great job and everything looked beautiful. WELL DONE.

A few of our lucky missionaries live with members. Our 1st stop today was with Elders Liew and West who live with the Christi family. This is a wonderful and kind family who have let missionaries live with them for many years. Pretty spoiled elders.
Elder Liew is a concert pianist from Mylasia. He's pretty happy with the grand piano at the home.
Lovely living room
Beautiful kitchen. They share this willingly with the elders. Too nice.
Downstairs at the elders study desks. Elder Liew and West serve in the Tall Cedars area

2nd stop. Club house. Elders Gronning and Anderson in the Sterling Park area

Elders Anderson and Gronning with Pres Albright

3rd stop. Member Home of Pam. She lovingly shares with the sisters.
Pres and Elder Gengler out front.

Sisters Smith and Holt serve in the Algonkian/Shenandoah area
4th stop. 4 elders.

Elders Powell, Mochizuki, Lafeen, and Holfeltz cover the Brambleton and Ashburn wards
5th. The Goosecreek/Leesburg areas.
Elders Sherwani and Walka from Pakistan and Germany

6th stop. Potomac Crossing area
All the doors have a picture of Jesus posted on them.
pretty organized
Blurry-oops. Bunkbeds.
Elders Hubbard and Cejedo

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