Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We've seen this beautiful campus on the hill north of the capital with this huge building that I thought was a big cathedral. We finally took an afternoon to go see it. It is George Town University. And it is spectacular. There is this incredibly old building that is stunning. It looks like the Harry Potter school was based on it. This school is a a Jesuit and Catholic university. It was established in 1789 and is the oldest Catholic School in America. About 15,000 students attend.
We got out and walked around because it was so lovely. The architecture was fantastic.
This incredible building was named "Healy Hall". We went inside and it was beautiful dark wood and carvings.
Healy Hall

The drive onto campus

Some of the more modern buildings

Alumni Row- housing

Reverend Healy was president of the university at one time and the first black president of a major university.
This is a statue of John Carroll the founder of the university.
The entrance to Healy Hall
Shows some of the OLD stone work

incredible architecture
Inside the hall

The chapel on campus.
A close up of towers
University Alumni Row

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