Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The new missionaries have arrived. Hooray. Another great group. They drove through DC on their way from the airport to see a couple of the sites. This is always fun and exciting for the new missionaries. When they arrive at the house, there we are with a great big dinner ready for them. I know I took pictures of both tables but can't seem to find them. After dinner, President starts having interviews with each of them. The Assistants and I go downstairs with the new missionaries and have orientation and testimonies.
Each of Pres Albrights counselors and their wives takes a turn speaking. We invite each new missionary to share their testimony. This is a great meeting because we get to know each of them a little.
Then the assistants and I each share some thoughts and training. We go upstairs for dessert and it's off to bed. They are usually exhausted. It's been a long and exciting day. Tomorrow is even more exciting.

Elder and Sister Bryson
Elder and Sister Gengler
Elder Braithwaite with Sisters Hanson and Crockett
Elders Peterson and
Elders Bay and Harb
Elders Kessler, Rowley and Bentley
Elders Powell and Williams
Elders Kotyk and Johnson
Sister Doyle and Elder Kessler
Orientation downstairs.

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