Monday, May 28, 2012

25 LOADS - info just for fun

Sister Albright, What have you been doing this week?

After transfers, there is an INCREDIBLE amount of LAUNDRY.

For example, this last week:
20 new missionaries arrived and stayed in the house Wed night
16 departed and 14 stayed at the house Thursday night
We had 5 large meals: 2 dinners for 34 and 28 people,
                                    2 breakfasts for 26 and 16 people,
                                    1 lunch for 26 people
                 (you should see the # of grocery bags and boxes each transfer wk)
                (the fridges and the freezer are filled plus the laundry room floor- empty in 3 days)

For a combined total of:

34 bottom sheets (have you folded bottom sheets?)
34 top sheets
34 pillow cases
34 towels
12 tablecloths
4 bath mats
3 kitchen rugs
6 aprons
and all the dish towels (@ 15)

Total= 174 pieces of wash or - 25 LOADS OF WASH- give or take  

Sometimes the missionaries ask me what I do with my time?
Should I explain or just smile?

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