Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Interviewed in the Oakton Zone today.  I only snapped 1 picture.  It is of 
Elders Busch, Calvert and Smith.  (Elder Smith is a missionary serving in India.  He and 7 of his 
fellow Indian missionaries are working with our mission for a few weeks while waiting for their 
visas to be renewed after 1 yr.- Elder Smith is a great young man- I am told he is the Assistant in the India Mission.)  So they are serving together as a threesome. We currently have 8 threesomes. 
The Zone Leaders are Elders Westover and Liew

Thought it would be fun to post just a quick word of what each missionary told me when I asked them to share what they had learned on their missions.  

Elder Westover- How to love, by sacrificing for other you come to love them
Elder Liew- Learned from my companions many great attributes- from Elder Norris exact obedience
Elder Littledike- I've become more sincere
Elder S. Johnson- to let God lead and miracles will happen
Elder Busch- Patience  with myself
Elder Calvert- to see others as Christ sees them
Elder Smith- How to love people for who they are immediately
Elder Ross- a kind of confidence when doing what is right
Elder Rasmussen- Patience and Appreciation for the atonement
Elder Wilson- Patience w/self and others,  Not to criticize
Elder Rivera- To pray for love because everyone is not like you
Elder Mann- Limit your temporal side on a mission
Elder macFarlane- To focus on Jesus Christ-love for Savior grown
Elder Poffo-The way the spirit works with us
Elder Gregerson- To follow prompting and act on it
Elder Call- I've learned to discern better, can understand people 
Elder Mochizuki- to be patient with others, companions, investigators (not hold grudges)
Sis Ahokava- How to have the spirit guide me
Sis Taylor- principal of Faith so much bigger than I realized
Sis Moses- Humility- this is God's work, Capable of nothing on my own
Sis Crockett- Diligence and hard work.  You can love a lot of people

Isn't this just beautiful.  I wish you could have heard them as they expressed these things. 
They weren't just quick blanket statements.  But thoughtful and beautiful expressions from their hearts. 
They gave me examples and really felt the things they expressed. 
A wonderful day for me.

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