Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We interviewed in McLean on May 9.  I was a little stressed when we arrived and those sweet Zone leaders, Elders Sherwani and Carnline went to the store and brought some flowers. 
I am so blessed. 

Felt the spirit again today as I visited with the missionaries about what they have learned on their missions. 

Elder Sherwani- When one sacrifices one comes to love
Elder Carnline- He can turn my weaknesses into strengths
Elder Branden Cluff- We are the conduit that carries the message
Elder Taylor- Obedience does not equal baptism. Best way to teach is help them find answers self
Elder Brunson- People invite you in because they feel the spirit
Elder Newkirk- Members need to see you working hard. Successful missionaries work
Sis Holt- Learned about compasion
Sis Moya- When you love people working is not hard and you will do anything to help them progress
Sis Thompson- Everything is motivated by love
Sis Sorensen- Lots more understanding of people
Elder Gubler- Members are the key to mission work
Elder Scott-  Being Bold when needed
Elder Rith- So many different people in the world. 
Elder Hinze- How to set goals
Elder Perez- Patience with self and others
Elder Ursenbach- I've learned humility. 
Elder Husted- Put trust in the Lord
Elder Dastrup- Patience - don't get upset about the little things & how to study

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