Tuesday, May 15, 2012


We were blessed to attend a final Mission President's Seminar from April 12-15.  We missed the first night because of Transfers.  It was held at the Barlow Center in Washington DC and we stayed at the Crystal Marriott in our mission.  There were about 25 mission Presidents and their wives attending. 
It was wonderfully uplifting and we learned so much.  
We had Elder Jay Jensen, Presidency of the 70, and Elders Halstrom and Carlson in attendance.  We had Bro Heaton, who is the head of teaching at the MTC also their to instruct. 
They did a masterful job. 
They taught on many subjects.  And had us doing lots of skills practices.  It was really fun to see all these Pres. and wives participating.  
We were fed non-stop and had classes from 8:00 to 6:00, then dinner, and then another meeting before bed. We had one evening free to sight-see.
We spent that evening attending the BYU Management Society Dinner. 
We also had a final departing interview which was a very special treat. 
These seminars will be wonderful memories.

Elder Jay Jensen with President Albright
Treats during the breaks at the Barlow Center

Class room with presidents

Elder Jensen instructing

The Barlow Center in Washington DC

We held a Wive's meeting with the wives of the General Authorities.

Loading the bus back to the hotel from the Barlow center

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