Monday, May 14, 2012


After the departing interviews today, I took the 2 departing sisters and their companions into Old Town Alexandria for a boat ride on the harbor.  We went across the Potomac River over to the National Harbor.  We had a really fun time.  

At the Bow of the ship.
Sisters Patten, Me, Sisters Hardt, Vaitai and Dezzeo

In the national Harbor is this incredible statue.  It is in the sand of a mans arms, leg, and head. The sisters  had fun posing.  Sister Hardt 

All four sisters with the "arm"

the "leg"

The foot with a little girl climbing 

Sisters Patten and Vaitai

Sisters Dezzeo and Hardt with the "hand"

Children crawling on the "face"

Sister Dezzeo

Sister Vaitai

The Harbor

A handful of sisters

The PEEPS store

The restaurant we went in

Sitting on the bow on the way back to Alexandria.

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