Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Following Transfer Mtg, we head to the mission home with the departing missionaries. 
We had the 6 departing missionaries, the Assistants, the office elders, the 2 office couples, 
the mission Presidency and wives, and the family of Elder Smallcomb.- for a total of 25.  
After dinner, all the guest leave except for departing missionaries, the assisants and Pres and I. 
We then have a very special meeting.  We have a final and very touching, spiritual testimony meeting. 
This is the meeting where I see the incredible growth that has taken place in these great young adult. 
they bore sincere testimonies the evening they arrived in the mission, but this night as they leave the mission, they share powerful, deep testimonies.  This is when I believe they are truly converted to the gospel with all their hearts.  They are filled with great love for others-real charity.  
I love this special meeting.  
After the meeting, we spend some hours having fun. 
Then it's off to bed before early plane rides.  

Dinner with Sister and Elder Gengler, The Smallcomb family.

Elder Bay, Parker, Sister Hardt, Elder Odenwalder, Pres, Elder Sjon Johnson, Chance Johnson, Sister Vaitai, and Elder Smallcomb.

Elder Smallcomb showing his tie to his family 

Breakfast - Elder Johnson

Sisters Vaitai and Hardt before we head to the airport

Elder Odenwalder's mom first sees him at the mission home.

The Odenwalder family came to pick Elder Odenwalder up at the mission home in the morning. 
Pretty fun to watch a family greet their missionary after 2 years.
Elder Mower and President dressed up in Elders hat and cane. 

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