Saturday, May 26, 2012

TRAINER-TRAINEES meet one another

The new missionaries (trainees) meet their new Sr companions (trainers) in a short meeting before the 
big Transfer Meeting.  This is such a fun event.  
The trainers greet their new missionaries with such enthusiasm and love. 
I know the new missionaries feel loved and calmed as soon as they meet 
this new companion who will teach and train them. 
It is really fun to watch.  
They immediately give each other big hugs.  
It's a great way to start a companionship.
Our Assistants Elders Chance Johnson and Parker- a powerful companionship

Elder Gronning and Elder McGoffin

Elder Harb and Elder Coates

Elder Mngoma and Elder Lewis

Elder Littledyke and Elder Oberhansley

Sister Rozsa and Sister Jeppsen

Sisters Feng and Anderson

Elders Merrill and George

Elders Merrill and Bennett

Elders Chaffin and Bentley

Elders Kelley and Naylor

Sisters Hansen and Goates

Elders Garcia and Pedraza

Elders Stone and Call
Elders Bergman and Taylor

Elders Yazzie and Pojol

Elders Williams and Orme

Elders Nutall and Rasmussen

Sisters Olsen and Evans

Elders Gates and Riggs

Elders Lafeen and Hodgson

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