Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Such a wonderful tradition.  The Wednesday before the missionaries leave, we take them to the temple and out to lunch.  We had a lovely time today.  We arrive at the temple an hour early and get to have a visit with one of the temple presidency.  President Pratt visited with us today.  He is delightful. 
Then we attended a great session and felt such a special spirit with all our missionaries there.
Afterwards we take pictures out in front of the temple. 
Then we go to lunch.  We went to Hunan.  A place across the street from the office. 
It was a great day.

Sister Ganbaatar

Sister Holt

Sister Dezzeo

Sister Sorenson

Elder Church

Elder Peterson

Elder Sherwani

Elder Dastrup

Elder Hanna

Elder Hiatt

Elder Bramwell

Elder and sister Doyle

Elder and Sister Heller

At Hunans ( The Rex family joined us)

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