Tuesday, May 15, 2012


TRANSFER MEETING was held on April 12.  At this meeting President Albright announces all the 
transfers for the whole mission.  This is very fun for everyone to  hear their new companions and 
assignments.  Lots of hugs and excitement.  
Our departing missionaries each take a couple of minutes and give a word of advice to the other 
missionaries. They were:  Elder Samllcomb, Sister Vaitai, Elder Johnson, Sister Hardt, Elder Odenwalder and Mower, and Elder and Sister Carrier. 
Sister Murray and Elder Ayala sang a beautiful song. 
and Elders Sherwani, Lafeen also sang another nice song.
At the end of the meeting, the departing elders walk out during the last week of the closing song: "Onward Christian Soldiers".  It is very touching and they leave the last meeting of their mission and head for the mission home and their departing dinner. 

Elders perform song

sister and elder Carrier depart

Many cars at the transfer

Departing missionaries sitting on the stand

President and the Assistants:  Elders Parker and Johnson

Missionaries depart during closing song:  Elder Mower, Smallcomb lead the group. 
Sister Murray leads the music

Elders Johnson and Odenwalder

Sister Hardt

Sister Vaitai hugs her companion, sister Patten good-bye

Elder Liew plays the piano

Elder Calvert and Rausch

With Sister Vaitai

Transfers in the parking lot

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