Tuesday, May 15, 2012


On Saturday, April 14, 2012 we attended a wonderful gala.  The BYU management Society held their 28th gala dinner at the Gateway Marriott.  The Chapter here is the largest in the country.  There were over 800 people in attendance.  It was held in this large beautiful ballroom.  We had a gourmet meal and wonderful company.  We here invited by Terry Harding and his wife to sit at their table.  They are so kind to include us.  The GA from the Seminar also invited us with the Mission Presidents from the DC North and Baltimore.  After the dinner, the program was spectacular. 
First there was a beautiful musical number by Jenny Oaks Baker. 
She played "Amazing Grace"  and watching her play the violin is like watching a dance. 
The invited guest speaker was Condoleezza Rice.  It was Brilliant.  She spoke on Faith and Democracy and how they work together.  What an incredible woman.  

The ballroom

At our table, the Millers from Las Vegas were also seated.

The Hardings

Jenny Oaks Baker

Former Senator and 70 

Bob Bennett- Former Utah Senator

Condoleezza  Rice

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