Tuesday, May 22, 2012


4th day of interviews held in Mt Vernon.  
I have been asking each of the missionaries about their planners and looking at them. This 
is an interesting exercise for me. Some missionaries are excellent planners, others are not. 
The missionary schedule has 1/2 hour set aside each evening for planning and all morning on Fridays. 
When they plan with prayer and inspiration, it has a great positive effect on their work. 
We discussed the importance of planning and set some goals for those who needed it. 
I continued to ask each of them what they have learned on their mission and continue to love hearing their responses. 

Elders Zabriskie 

Elders Boucher, Earnshaw, Uptain and Nelson

The missionaries put beautiful covers on their planners.  They decorate them with pictures and quotes.  This is an example

Sisters Patten and Hansen

Answers from the missionaries when I asked them what they had learned on their missions.

Elder Dakota Anderson- I can't do everything myself - you have to turn to Heavenly Father
Elder Conner White- You have to love people - Everyone has problems
Elder Hussey-Not to judge others - I don't know what they have been through
Elder Peihopa- Charity
Elder Frazier- To put less emphasis on myself and let the spirit work through me
Elder Skylar West- Mission work would be impossible without love for the Savior
Elder Aland- If you commit to something, do it. 
Elder Paswaters- Having guidance of the Holy Ghost and relying on it 
Elder Oliverson- There is great sorrow and pain associated with breaking the law of chastity. I have 
                            observed this in the lives of so many
Elder Garcia- Importance of having integrity in order have the spirit
Elder Hanna- How to lean on the Lord, receive inspiration
Elder Merrill- Selfishness is the cause of all evil and contention
Sis. Hepworth- Have learned to love the people here beyond words
Elder Mooso- I am so much more grateful for the gospel
Elder Zabriskie- I've learned to be more social and self-confident
Elder Earnshaw- The Power of Prayer- with real intent
Elder Boucher- Patience  and self-control
Elder Uptain- To have faith
Elder Nelson- To be an agent in mission work
Sis Dezzeo- The great love Heavenly Father has for his children
Sis Raynor- The only thing that matters is what God thinks
Sis Olsen- Being righteous softens hearts
Sis Murray- Understanding this life is about serving others
Sis Hanson- The mission is hard work. (been out 4 weeks) 
Sis Patten- Accepting that Christ has paid the price and I need only come to Him

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