Monday, May 14, 2012


On Monday, April 9, 2012 we had departing interviews at the mission home.  They each come for  a half and hour interview with President Albright,  While he interviews, I have the joy and fun of visiting with the others, feeding them treats, having them hang their ties on the banister, mark their favorite scripture in my special set, and bring me a favorite conversion story from their mission experience.  I love this experience every 6 weeks.  Wonderful young  adults who have become incredible adults.  
I love everyone of them.

Elder Sjon Johnson hanging his tie.

Elder Odenwalder

Elders Johnson, Meitler and Perry

Elder Smallcomb

Sister Hardt

Sister Patten (companion to Sister Vaitai)

Elders Mower and Harper

Elder and Sister Carrier

Elder Mower

Elder and Sister Carrier

Elder Harper helping Sister Vaitai

Sister Vaitai

Sisters Vaitai and Patten, Elders Harper and Mower

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