Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hard to put into words what an experience we had on Saturday, May 5, 2012.
A few weeks ago, it was announced that

would be visiting the mission.  He would be speaking to 3 combined missions: the DC South,
DC North, and Baltimore missions in the Temple Visitor's Center.
He assigned our missionaries two articles to read and study before the conference. 
Our missionaries were wonderful.  They all put their hearts into studying these articles and preparing themselves to hear and discuss these things. 
The articles were: 
Seek Learning By Faith
Ask In Faith
They are marvelous articles. For me they stress the importance of the spiritual pattern of learning by faith based on the principal of Action. 

President and I sat on the stand with the other mission Presidencys and wives and with the visiting Authorities which included: 
Elder Bednar
Bishop Causee of the Presiding Bishopric
Elder Snow of the 70- the Church Historian

Elder Bednar was wonderful 
He used a great teaching approach where he facilitated a discussion by asking about the articles he had assigned,  he said,  "What stood out to you?
The missionaries were so eager to participate and it was a meeting filled with much revelation 
for each of the missionaries personally. 

After the first half of the meeting, he changed the format and allowed the missionaries to just
ask him questions.  He prefaced this by explaining what a 'good' or 'bad' question was. 
They again, did a great job of staying on course, asking beautiful and meaningful questions. 

I have written in my journal the questions and answers that I felt inspired by and from which I  
personally learned something.  Each missionary was told not to write everything they heard, just to take notes on what the spirit prompted them to write and the revelation they received from the experience. 

I know the missionaries loved this conference.  They have expressed in their letters and meetings how much they learned and how inspired they were through this experience. 
I'm thankful for this conference and the opportunity to feel the incredible spirit that accompanies the Lord's apostles.  


Three missions -about 500 missionaries in the Visitor's Center

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