Monday, May 14, 2012


Well, here they are- Our 6 new missionaries. 
Elders Rausch, Busch, Uptain, Brunson, Poffo, and Sister Hanson.
The first night, we visit, feed them, have orientation and hear their testimonies. 
They are exhausted and we put them to bed.  They are excited for tomorrow- to meet
their trainers and get to work.

Dinner at the mission home on arrival night.
Sister Doyle, Elders Bay, Parker, Poffo, Sister Gengler, Elders Brunson, Uptain, Harp, and Gengler.

Elders Rausch, Busch and Sister Hanson with Sister Albright, Elder Johnson and Sister Burton

Elders Doyle and Peterson in the kitchen

Sister Hanson, Elders Busch, Rausch, Harb, President Albright, sister Burton, Elders Johnson and Peterson.

Elders Johnson and Peterson,  faithful Assistants

President Burton

Elders Brunson and Uptain

Elders Bay, Parker and Poffo

Elders Bay, Parker, and Poffo

  Orientation--Welcome to the mission

Elder Peterson has been Assistant for 5 months now and is going to work in the field for his last transfer before he heads home.  We'll miss him,

Elder Harb, our ever helpful office elder is also returning to the field.  We are keeping him close by in annandale incase we need to call him.

Pres with Elder Harb

President and Sister Burton

Elders Rausch, Uptain and Poffo

Practicing door approaches

Lunch, the 2nd day

Elders Parker and Johnson, the Assistants

Elders Bay and Rausch

Elders Brunson and Uptain

Elders Peterson and Harb

The pictures below are the ones used on the transfer board for the next 2 years. 

Elder Rausch

Elder Busch

Elder Uptain

Silly Elder Parker

Sister Hanson

Elder Brunson
Elder Poffo

Sister Hanson

Elder Brunson

Elder Uptain

Elder Rausch

Elder Busch

Elder Poffo

The whole group:  Elders Rausch, Busch, Uptain, Brunson, Poffo and Sis Hanson

Transfer meeting.  Waiting to meet their trainers

Sister Hanson with Sister Patten

Elder Greggerson with Elder Poffo

Elder Brunson with Elder Newkirk

Elder Uptain with Elder Nelson

Elder Busch with Elder Calvert

Elder Rausch with Elder Litchfield

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