Saturday, May 26, 2012


We arrived at the mission home with our 20 new missionaries. 
We visit for a short time and then feed them 
After getting up at 4:00 and flying all day- no food served on board.
We have a great meal ready.
Roast, potatoes, carrots, corn, rolls, salad,  fresh fruit salad, chocolate cake. 
Included at dinner are the 20 new missionaries:  
Sisters Evans, Jeppsen, Goates, and Feng, and Elders
Bergman, Hodgson, McGoffin, Stone, Oberhansly, Nuttal, George, Orme, Pojol, 
Riggs, Lewis, Kelley, Bennett, Coates, and Pedraza. 
Also at dinner are:  President and Sister Kent Burton-Counselor
President and Sister Erick Erickson-Counselor
Elder and Sister Gengler- Office Sr Couple
Elder and Sister Harris- Office Sr Couple
Elders Johnson and Parker - Assistants
Elders Bay and Dehaan- Office elders
President and Sister Albright

Many mouths to feed.

After dinner, it is downstairs and Orientation begins. 
We teach them all kinds of things they will never remember, 
we show a slide show of the mission and get them excited, 
We have a testimony meeting.
It was so powerful.  This is an amazing group.  Really 
incredible testimonies.  
Then we have dessert and it's off to bed.

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  1. Thank you, thank you for feeding (and feeding, and feeding) and caring for and loving these missionaries. And especially thank you for posting all these beautiful pictures!