Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We had interviews on May 15th with the Ashburn Zone.  This is a spectacular part of the mission. 
Rolling hills and lovely homes.  Really a pretty area. 
After the interviews we took 4 of the elders to lunch. Elders Ayala, Tacaki, Perez, and Johnson. 

The wonderful words I heard from the Ashburn Missionaries when I asked 
What they had learned on their missions: 

Elder DallinWest- I have learned to be confident 
Elder Jensen- How much joy the gospel brings
Elder Braithwaite- I've noticed that all good leaders have charity
Elder Holfeltz- When people feel discouraged they often quit reading scriptures and that's when you 
                          need to get closer to the spirit and read more
Elder Jaxson Anderson- To depend on the Lord
Elder Gronning- You will be happiest when you are working hardest
Sis Smith- I can put my inspirations into writing to share with others
Sis Newman-  The gospel is very simple
Elder Davis- I've gained a true testimony I now Know
Elder Lafeen- Patience  and to have a positive attitude in the good and bad
Elder Tacaki- I've learned to be more patient
Elder Cejudo- i learned that life is good and you are master of your feelings
Elder Ayala- I've learned it's not about me.  I have a better attitude
Elder Wloka- Unity is companionships is vital for the spirit even if it takes sacrifice

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