Sunday, May 20, 2012


Zone Conferences have started.  The first one was held on April 24, with the Ashburn and Centreville Zones.  All of the conferences were wonderful this time.  The messages, presentations, skills practices, everything went great.  I think they really enjoyed the day.  I am sorry I only got these two group pictures at this one.  Nicole and Daxton were with us and I neglected to use the camera.  

ASHBURN ZONE:  ZL's are Elders West and Jensen. 
Pictured: Front Row:  Elder and Sister Olson,  Elders Davis, Wloka, Lafeen, Holfeltz, Anderson, Sisters Newman and Smith, Sister and President Albright 
Back Row:  Elders Cejudo, Braithwaite, West, Ayala, Jensen, Gronning, and Tacaki

CENTREVILLE ZONE:  ZL's are Elders Slade and Edgington
Pictured- Front Row:  Elders Chung, Naylor, Sisters Hansen, Rosza, Anderson, Ferrin, Mecham, Ganbaatar, Elders Polkowske, Terry, Lewis, Sister and Pres Albright
Back Row:  Elders Drey Williams, Phillips, Orjan Johnson, Hiatt, Edgington, Slade, Ravia, Bramwell, Juengling, Ness and Flaherty

The Conference began with President speaking for about an hour.  He talked about Attitude, showed a wonderful video of a little boys efforts to build an arcade.  His diligence, happy attitude, hard work,  and we made comparisons to mission work.  He showed a power point of many quotes by general authorities and scriptures about having a positivie attitude. 
He encouraged the missionaries to read their 
"mission affirmations" 
each day.  Doing this helps you to become what you think about. 
President talked about the seminar, the upcoming conference with Elder Bednar and lots of other topics. 
 I followed with a discussion on Repentance. Based on the things we learned at the Presidents' Seminar.  We talked about sacrifice and consecration.  Consecrating ourselves to our  missions after all the sacrifices we have made to come.
We had lots of fun skills practices. 
One of them was like "speed dating"  Only it was "speed finding".  They moved around the table and 
tried to use a new approach each time as promoted by the spirit. We learned this activity at the seminar   
The Zone leaders gave presentations on 'We Invite-They Commit"
and "We Follow-Up".  
then another skills practice on invites.  
Lunch is supplied by one of the wards and is always fabulous.  
After lunch, the assistants gave a presentation on "Map to Baptism"
Very creative
They started with a power point map and in the middle were the 
"cliffs of insanity"
- things that get in the way between a baptism commitment and the actual baptism. 
They discussed ways to overcome these "cliffs". 
Excellent job by all our leaders. 

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