Monday, May 28, 2012


We drove to the Mt Vernon Chapel on the Potomac River this evening, May 28, 2012.
This chapel is located right on the Potomac River. 
The George Washington Memorial Parkway is a scenic drive that runs from the 
Mt Vernon Estate (home of George Washington), along the Potomac River and 
all the way into Washington DC.  
The road is bordered by a small green beltway and running/biking path next to the river. 
And on the other side of the road are old stately homes. 
Among these home sits the beautiful Mt Vernon LDS chapel.  
Directly across from the chapel is the mighty Potomac.  
A really incredible location here in this historic area. 

The side parking lot of the Chapel

The back doors.  The style is the red brick and white trim.  Very "Mt Vernon" style.

This is view directly across from the front lawn of the chapel

A little confusing- the road turning to the chapel 
I got out and took some pictures from the shore

The beautiful parkway drive leading to Mt Vernon

The Mt Vernon Estate Restaurant

Entrance to Mt Vernon

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