Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I hate to admit this, but I neglected to take any pictures at the last day of interviews. 
But we had a marvelous day and enjoyed every minute of visiting with these 
wonderful young servants of God. 
As this last group shared with me their feelings about what they had learned 
on their missions, I was just so touched by the sincere and heartfelt 
words that all the missionaries have shared with me during these weeks of interviews. 
I have felt their testimonies and the strength of their convictions and
know they have grown and changed from this incredible experience of serving
as a missionary. 
I have been blessed by the experience of listening to their words.

Today in Annandale, these are some of things that were shared: 

Elder Harper- It doesn't matter how fast you're moving as long as  you are progressing
Elder Horton- How to truly be honest with myself
Elder DeHaan- The Faith in Action principal as it applies to prayer. you have to put your foot 
                           forward for God to help you out. 
Elder Bay- To feel comforted by prayer
Elder Eric Williams- How important the Book of Mormon is.  Reading it makes me happy
Elder Mngoma- Heavenly Father really intends for everyone to come into His kingdom.
Elder Lau- To put God first as my priority
Elder Chow- There is no bad area, because there are no bad people
Sis Yoon- 
Sis Barnes- There are different ways to achieve the same things depending on our personalities
Elder Harb- To learn from errors and move forward
Elder Yates- Getting along with someone you have differences with
Elder Hamblin- How to follow the spirit and how it works
Elder Ochoa- I'm learning to love others without even knowing them
Elder Bezzant- I can do a lot more than I thought. Heavenly Father gives me the confidence to try
Elder McAbee- Patience and You can grow from problems
Elders Norris- Prayer has made my mission.  I have seen answers

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