Tuesday, May 22, 2012


On May 1st we began our last round of personal interviews with all the missionaries in the mission.
I can't believe this is the last one.
I love this part of the calling.
Meeting with each of these special young adults and visiting with them about their 
families, homes, goals, dreams, testimonies has been a highlight for me. 
The first day we were in Fredericksburg.  Most interviews I don't take many pictures, but I just snapped a few today.   
I did take a couple of Elder Hubbard's pretty bad case of poison ivy. 
Thought this would be fun for Mom's to see. 
We have cases of this quite regularly in the spring and summer when our 
missionaries are doing alot of service involving yards work. 
It's pretty nasty stuff. And it is really everywhere here.

This is a wonderful zone with great missionaries.  
After the interviews, we were able to go with the Zone Leaders to teach one of their 
investigators at Mary Washington College.  
An uplifting experience.

Elders Wilson and Hill with Pres

Elders Church and Freeman- the Zone Leaders

Elders Schwendiman and Earl

Elders Bigler and Mackwenkwe
What a good case of Poison Ivy looks like.

Poor Elder Hubbard.  But he's still smiling.

I choose to visit with each of the missionaries about what they have learned on their mission so far. 
I found this to be a remarkable experience for and was touched by the heartfelt answers. 
Today I learned: 

Elder Freeman- I've learned it is not about me. 
Elder Church- 
Elder Hubbard- Patience and focusing on others
Elder Eaton- Obedience leads to succes
Elder Perry- Attitude can change outcome
Elder Powell- You gain a testimony by sharing a testimony
Sis Dana-I've learned humility and about repentance
Sis Vogelsberg-I need to trust in God
Elder Cowley- I've learned about a change of heart
Elder King- Patience- works at a different pace
Elder Hill- Missionary work is a fun and spiritual experience
Elder Tanner Wilson- To focus on the things you can control and leave the rest up to God
Elder Schwendiman- Putting more trust in God
Elder Earl- Staying dedicated and determined is vital
Elder Ker- to trust in God
Elder Peterson- Obedience brings happiness
Elder Yazzie- In order to get things done, I have to ask God for help
Elder Kessler- The Lord is ready to provide if you ask
Elder Anderson- You never know what the spirit is going to have you do
Elder Watson- I've learned to put off the natural man and to look for the positive
Elder Pyne- Faith, it takes faith and works to be baptized
Elder matthew Cluff- What the spirit can d for everything in my life
Elder Rowley- You must be prepared, Missionary work is work
Elder Gates- Faith in the Lord's timing
Elder Dickson- the desire to work and not because I have to
Elder Kyle Williams- It's changed my perspective on my commitment to the gospel
Elder Bigler- More self-confidence from having to be bold
Elder McKwenkwe-Relying on the Lord who brings blessings
Elder Meitler- It's better to listen than to talk
Elder Young- I realize how much I don't know - become humble
Elder Wright- An appreciation for what I have been blessed with

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