Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Inviting like Preach My Gospel teaches can be difficult for missionaries. 
It takes courage, boldness, and the spirit. 
This involves inviting each and every lesson.
It involves explaining the spirit to the investigator at the first of the lesson and asking them ,
 "If you feel this spirit as we teach you, and come to know the things we teach are true, 
will you be baptized?"

Dear President Albright,

We had a awesome miracle last week, we were tracting and trying to find investigators to teach as we all do as missionaries, we were looking for a former investigator and we knocked at this home and a lady opens up she smiled at us (that doesn't usually happen). We then asked (with a smile) if she was Dedra.  She told us that Dedra was her landlord, so we talked to her.  At first she seemed not to be interested and she told us she has her own church. We then told her about the blessings of families and how our message will bless her family and that they can be more united.  She told us to come by Saturday at 3 pm. We were happy to hear those words.

Saturday came and we went met with them.  She was married with a 5 month old baby boy.  We met with the husband we talked and we taught them the restoration, a lot of their questions were answered and my companion (Elder Watson) with boldness invited them to be baptized (PMG style) for June 16 and they accepted. The Spirit truly helped us in that lesson; they come to church the next day and they loved it. 

Elder Bednar’s words come to my mind later in the week: "success doesn't come because we deserve it or qualify for it. It is a gift from God."

I'm grateful to be part of this great and marvelous work and help our Father in Heaven to bring souls unto repentance. What a great joy this is!

Elder Athenkosi Makwenkwe

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  1. President and Sister Albright,
    I've been trying to look up your contact information and this is what I've come up with so far. My name is Andrea Phillips. I have a less-active sister who has recently (9 months ago) moved to your area, in Alexandria. My mom talked to the bishop of the ward she should be in and had him send the missionaries over, and they came. She told us that she couldn't meet with them then, but that they could come back another time. She said she even tried to call them a couple times but hadn't heard back. I was SO surprised that she accepted the missionaries into her home! She was at first pretty antagonistic towards the church after she stopped going, but has really softened recently (she got married last year, and is pregnant with her first baby right now). Last week in Stake Conference I felt a prompting to get in touch with the mission president in her area to get the missionaries back to her home. I am really close to my sister and I really want her to have the blessings of the gospel, especially now that she's starting her own family. I would be happy to give you her name and contact information, but probably not publicly. If you would like to send me an email, my email is
    Thank you for your service.

    Andrea Phillips