Saturday, May 26, 2012


Transfer Meeting is Amazing.  All the new missionaries and their trainers, all the departing missionaries, plus all missionaries receiving a transfer to a new location attend
this meeting.  Because of the large size of these new and departing groups, 
we had a LARGE transfer meeting.  
The air is always electric as everyone is excited and waiting 
to hear about where their new assignment is and with whom they will be serving
President Albright reads the Transfer Call Outs from the pulpit. 
Lots of Smiles and hugs. 
The meeting includes remarks by President and I. 
An incredible presentation by the Assistants. 
They put together a wonderful video and called it 
Operation: "Windows of Heaven"
(I am going to post it - so watch for it)

We introduce the new group to everyone.
And, the highlight-
The departing missionaries share a final word of advice. 
Seasoned missionaries about to leave for home : good advice to listen to. 
After the meeting- organized chaos as 100+ missionaries descend on the parking lot
to exchange luggage, cars, phones, bikes and head off to new places. 
Then we load up the departing missionaries and head for the mission Home.
Another big dinner and evening activities for this special group. 

The departing missionaries take the stand:
Sisters Dezzeo, Sorensen, Holt, and Ganbaatar, With Elders Dastrup, Jensen, Bramwell,
Peterson, Hiatt, Sherwani, Church, and Bodily (pictured)
Not pictured- Elder Hanna, Elders and Sisters Doyle and Heller

Elders Boucher and Zabriskie

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