Saturday, May 26, 2012


May 25, 2012 this wonderful group of departing missionaries is at the mission home for the last time 
These evenings are wonderful, but keep getting harder.  They pull at my heart strings. 
This group includes Elders Bramwell, Dastrup, Church, Sherwani, Hiatt, Hanna, Bodily, Jensen, and 
Peterson, Elders and Sisters Doyle and Heller, and Sisters Holt, Ganbaatar, Dezzeo, and Sorensen. 
We arrive at the mission home and the 2 wonderful office couples have come and gotten 
things ready.  What would I do without them? 
We start with the Last supper. 
We had Ribs, (it's the tradition), chessey potatoes, corn, salad, watermelon, rolls, and strawberry shortcake.  
Elder Sherwani's famiy has come to share dinner with us.  
After dinner, everyone is excused except the missionaries and President and I. 
We have the most wonderful meeting. 
Final words, testimonies, thoughts,  A very special time for us.
Then, since they are too hyper to sleep.  Excited for what lies ahead... 
It's off the the bowling alley. 

Elders Hiatt, Dastrup, Peterson, Hanna, Jensen, Church, DeHaan, and Litchfield (our new office elder)

President and Sister Erickson

Elder Parker, Sisters Ganbaatar, Sorensen, Holt, Dezzeo, Rahmah Sherwani

Bro and Sister Randall, Elder Johnson, Sis Sherwani, Elder Sherwani, and Sister Winnie Burton

Sister and Elder Gengler

Elder and Sister Harris

Sister and President Albright and Pres Erickson

Elder Bodily and Hanna
Elders Church and Peterson- 

Sisters Sorenson and Holt

Elders Dastrup and Hiatt

Elders Litchfield, Johnson, Dastrup, Hiatt, Sister Sorenson

Sisters Ganbaatar and Dezzeo, Elders Parker, Jensen, and Bramwell

Elder Hiatt, Sisters Sorenson and Holt

Elders Sherwani and Hanna


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