Sunday, May 20, 2012


THE ANNANDALE ZONE:  Not in order (too small to see faces for me)
ZLs Elders Horton and Harper,  Elders Bay, DeHaan, Harb, Yates, Mngoma, Eric Williams, 
Norris, Eaton, Ochoa, Hamblin, Bezzant, Creager, Chow, Lau, 
and Sisters Yoon and Barnes

THE MT VERNON ZONE:  In no order
ZLs Elders Ryan White and Dakota Anderson, Elders Paswaters, Aland,Skyler West, Frazier, Hussey, Peihopa, Nelson, Uptain, Elders Johnson, Parker, Zabriskie, Mooso, Merrill, Hanna, Earnshaw, Boucher, Garcia, Oliverson, Elder and Sister Hepworth, and Sisters Patten, Hansen, Raynor and Dezzeo

a full room paying close attention

Caine's Arcade

Skills practice

Elder Johnson and West

Elder Fraizer and Sister Olsen

Sisters Olsen and Murray

Elder Uptain and Sister Ahokava

Elders Earnshaw and Boucher

Elders Zabriskie and Hussey with Sister Raynor

Elders Merrill, Hanna, and Chow

Elders Creager, Bezzant

Elder Anderson
Office Elders DeHaan and Bay

Elder Harper, Uptain and ?

Elders Earnshaw and Boucher

Elder Hanna, Chow and Lau

Elders Hamblin

Elder and Sister Hepworth and Elder Harb

Musical number:  Elders Paswaters and Aland and Sisters Olsen and Murray

Elders Horton and Harper- Zone Leaders make a presentation

Elders White and Anderson lead a discussion

Sisters Hansen and Patten, Elders Parker and West

Elders Mooso and Zabriskie

Elders Uptain and Nelson

Sisters Dezzeo and Raynor

Sisters Yoon and Barnes
Lines for lunch with our Nicole and baby Daxton

Elders Chow and Doyle. 
Elder Doyle was very proud that he got Elder Chow to wear this orange tie because elder Chow only wears plain black ties

Singing for our supper to the Relief Society sisters

the sweet ladies who fed us lunch


Elder Norris

Elder Williams

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